ILMÉX. Empresa de vanguardia en el sector responsable de la fabricación de motivos luminosos como Luces de Navidad, de Feria y mucho más.

ILMÉX enjoys excellent positioning and is constantly expanding into new markets abroad.

From its base in Puente Genil (Córdoba). ILMÉX illuminates and accom-panies major firms and cities all over the world, transmitting our concept of quality, modernity and creativity in decorative lighting.


ILMÉX is currently embarked on an ambitious interna-tionalisation process, with projects including Christ-mas window displays for top world brands such as Swarovski, Zara and Desigual, and Christmas illumina-tions in countries including France, Sweden, Germany, Romania, Cyprus, Venezuela, Morocco, Turkey, Nor-way, Colombia, Portugal, Mexico and Canada


ILMÉX is a member of a group of companies covering all sectors and business areas related to lighting, the Ximenez Group.

With offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, Alicante and Granada, the Ximenez Group covers practi-cally the entire Spanish market and is currently successfully embarked on an internationalisation process.


Business at all the regional offices is supervised from the head office in en Córdoba, to assure qual-ity and service regardless of the location.As a result of this process, the network of branch offices has been extended to countries including France, the Netherlands and Portugal, to enhance direct contact with clients in other geographical areas.


Aware as we are of our influence and prestige in the marketplace, ILMÉX is present at all the main sector events both in Spain and abroad, including Madrid (Matelec), Frankfurt (Christmasworld), Lyon (Lumiville) and Düsseldorf (Euroshop).


Our sales network will always be ready to offer advice on new technology, designs and applications and these trade fairs have undoubtedly be-come an ideal meeting point for professionals in the field.


ILMÉX’s team of professionals enjoy a consider-able prestige. A technical department made up of engineers and designers to bring each of our projects to reality, shaping and adapting every item according to our clients’ decorative needs.


With the presentation of a complete project, in-cluding a full report on materials, photomontages, etc., clients are given all the documentation they need to give shape to their idea.


Solid, safe decisions can also then be made about the resulting effects.


At Ilméx what we do is take an idea or concept and transform it into a unique, spectacular lighting project.


We handle every stage of the project: from initial planning to supply or hire. Working with our subsidiary Iluminaciones Ximenez we can also undertake the installation itself.


This concentration assures that the project implemented is faithful to the original idea, with nothing being lost along the way. The breadth of our range, experience and solid partnerships means that we can cover every type of need and come up with solutions for any of the typical issues that may arise.



Lighting and Decorative needs | Delivery-date requirements | Budget requirements



Planning | Definition and design | Manufacture | Supply and follow-up



Handling major lighting projects | Made-to-measure projects | Hire of individual items or complete projects.


The Ximenez Group is involved in a large number sponsorships and partnerships at the local and na-tional level to promote sporting, cultural and social activities and help to meet the needs of the most vulnerable.




Ilméx and Iluminaciones Ximenez are the official sponsors of the Ángel Ximénez Handball Club. The club, with over 50 years of history behind it, con-tinues to pursue a project targeted at local young people that stresses such values as full educa-tion, fair play, discipline and hard work as ways to achieve success in all aspects of life.


All this effort and hard work has paid off in the form of the team’s promotion to the ASOBAL League in 2013 in Irún. A further step forward for local sport that will see Ángel Ximenez now competing in the very top level of handball in Spain.




From a social viewpoint, the Ximenez Group Works with associations like the Red Cross by providing funding and also electrical installations, as well as with the Cesare Scariolo Foundation, which helps children convalescing in hospital or far away from home because of the hospital day care they need to treat their illnesses.


In its day to day management, Ilméx is a pioneer in establishing a QA and Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 “QA Systems: Requirements” and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 “Environmental Management Systems: Requirements and Guidelines for Use”.

In 2014 Ilméx has also been certified under OHSAS 18001:2007 for the firm’s occupational health and safety system, which has now been implemented throughout all the company’s areas of activity.


All the procedures involved in doing business must be properly organised and documented, with the sole objec-tive of assuring clients’ our full compliance with require-ments related to quality, design, manufacturing and delivery deadlines.


Our production is subject to a strict quality-assurance sys-tem that calls for the individual checking of each and every part made, to verify that it is properly functioning, safe and, in the case of LEDs, electromagnetically compatible.


From the viewpoint of the product, all our components and products are backed by the applicable EU certificates to  assure their complete safety.


From the viewpoint of quality in environmental manage-ment, besides what we have already mentioned in other sections, the ILMÉX QA and Environment


Department has implemented a strict recycling system for the solid and liquid waste generated at our facilities. This involves a highly qualified team of specialists in environmental legislation supervising the correct identifica-tion, storage, packaging and labelling of hazardous waste and making the relevant arrangements for its collection with the relevant bodies and authorised handlers.



The effects of global warming are very much to the fore and, unfortunately, everyone now knows about the negative con-sequences on the earth’s poles, forests and climate.


That is why we can no longer sit back and wait to see what happens to our planet. We have to do something. At ILMÉX we have channelled our targets and priorities through an environmental commitment:



Strict insistence on complying with the ROHS regulations (2002/95/EC) for all our products and components, with a view to avoiding pollution caused by tipping such substances as lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, polychro-mate biphenyl and polybromate biphenyl ethers.



Priority in the use of LEDs, including them in every project to facilitate our clients’ own environment-friendly actions and replace incandescent lighting with silicon.



3. Fostering sustainable development as a way to harmonise the company’s development and protect the environment, by establishing and implementing the company’s QA and Environmental Management System in accordance with the requirements of the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 “QA Systems: Requirements” and UNE-EN ISO 14001:2004 “Environmental Management Systems: Requirements and Guidelines for Use”.



Ilméx goes beyond merely complying with the environmental legislation in force. As our aim at Ilméx is to foster sustainable development, our materials and procedures are constantly under study with a view to developing environmental im-provements that can be built into all stages of our manufac-turing process.

Decorative lighting is no longer viewed as a separate tool used by local authorities to “decorate” cities at certain times of year. Instead, decorative lighting now forms part of the municipal urban-lighting strategies, sharing the same principles and objectives: to foster the city’s urban, social and economic development, considering and reducing environmental impact, and reducing energy consumption.





Generating employment, encouraging commercial activity, catering, and tourism and, as a result, boosting consumption and city incomes, all these points constitute the main objective of decorative lighting. Furthermore, lighting promotes citizens relationships since it welcomes them to enjoy the city itself and folk and summer festivals with a long history behind, and it becomes one of the most recognised and accepted initiatives by the citizens and one of the main attractions of the city. Needless to say nobody would like to go shopping in a sad and sober environment on Christmas without been dressed up with the typical decorative lights or livened up with our typical Christmas songs. For example, let’s consider the impact of decorative lighting on some of the cities which go more for decorative lighting. In Madrid, for example, according to records registered by the municipal barometer of consumption, Christmas lighting was the most popular initiative among the city’s inhabitants in 2010, with an impact of the 99.26%. Throughout the thirty days this event lasts, the number of visitors kept in increasing until it reached its record figure in December with more than 615,000 travellers and near 1.2 millions of hotel overnights. Andalusian cities like Malaga, Costa del Sol’s capital city, or Jerez de la Frontera, welcome to their summer festival (feria) more than one million visitors every year even if it takes places in August, as it happens in Malaga.


Decorative lighting is then not an expense but an investment: stimulates demand, grants a respite to traders who, beset by economic crisis and lack of sales, see on the Christmas lighting a special appeal to consumers; and encourages an increase in hotel and restaurant reservations and use of urban transport, especially the taxi route to enjoy the lighting, thanks to the increasingly active Christmas tourism. In short, the city is moving.




Other basics premises within a city lighting strategy are, besides, the constant reduction of the lighting environmental impact and of the electrical consumption.

In decorative lighting, these aims are achieved by developing much more efficient designs and by improving and fully implementing LED technology as the unique lighting system. Thus, savings are produced not only on the electrical bill, but also on CO2 emissions to the atmosphere, helping to fight against climate change. Going back to Madrid’s example, CO2 emissions to the atmosphere was reduced more than 130 tons in 2010 (from 230 tons released in 2009 to only 98 tons in 2010).




Some cities have chosen to bring forward Christmas lighting in order to foster trade and encourage local consumption or, as some professionals say, to make people happier. Multiple are the effects that the colourful lighting can have on citizens.

María Jesús Echániz, a member of the College of Psychologists of Extremadura (Spain), explains as follows the influence of the Christmas lighting in the population: “We know that sensory, existential or experiential, marketing, based on stimulation of the senses, encourages the purchase and thus, to a world full of feelings and emotions that create shared rewarding experiences.


The professionals dedicated to this trend agree that sensory stimulation (visual, lighting, colours, sounds, smells and shapes) accrue desire to buy “.

Sensations play a key role in the purchasing process for consumers and increase retail sales. Christmas lights turn on emotions and evoke happy memories of our childhood, cheering the saddened population up. Memories that we must continue to cultivate in order to not deprive our children of all illusion, magic and feelings about Christmas, especially if we look back and remember our childhood at that time.




Lighting and health are related. It is shown that a chronic lack of lighting may cause depression.


In autumn and winter there is an increase of depression and anxiety attacks by the lack of natural light which is known as the Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). The great influence of broad-spectrum lighting in the brain’s neurotransmitters modifies stress levels, moods and behaviors, altering human health and affecting job performance.

In autumn and winter, people tend to wear dark colours and enjoy less the sunlight, either because there is little, or because they prefer to stay at home or another enclosed environment. All this leads to depression and, again, to shun going outside.

Under these circumstances, decorative lighting suggests the opposite: streets are decorated, which invites people to go out and increases the quality, quantity and colour of the light that illuminates our cities.


In addition to the amount of illumination, we are also affected by light colour. Bright and intense colours positively motivate us, building morale and thus improving our overall health.

















ILMÉX. Empresa de vanguardia en el sector responsable de la fabricación de motivos luminosos como Luces de Navidad, de Feria y mucho más.
ILMÉX. Empresa de vanguardia en el sector responsable de la fabricación de motivos luminosos como Luces de Navidad, de Feria y mucho más.
Ilméx - Fabricación y Diseño de Motivos Luminosos decorativos y artísticos. Luces de Navidad, Ferias, Fallas, Carnaval, Stands. Christmas Lights

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ILMÉX. Empresa de vanguardia en el sector responsable de la fabricación de motivos luminosos como Luces de Navidad, de Feria y mucho más. Ilméx - Fabricación y Diseño de Motivos Luminosos decorativos y artísticos. Luces de Navidad, Ferias, Fallas, Carnaval, Stands. Christmas Lights