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Ctra Montoro-Osuna, 89 km

14500-Puente Genil (Córdoba)

T. +34 957 600 080

F. +34 957 601 453



ILMÉX. Empresa de vanguardia en el sector responsable de la fabricación de motivos luminosos como Luces de Navidad, de Feria y mucho más.


LIGHTING XIMENEZ SA, a company dedicated to the manufacture of luminous motives and installation, monitoring and removal of temporary artistic lighting, is involved with the management of quality, respect for the environment and occupational health and safety in all its processes, Products and services activities.

 The commitment to increase customer satisfaction by meeting their requirements, prevention and elimination of occupational hazards and the protection of the environment in all actions developed XIMENEZ LIGHTING SA are the pillars that integrate and inspire its management policy.

 It also considers the quality management, environment and Health and Safety at Work gives "added value" to the services provided, the loyalty of its customers and motivating its employees and partners in a job well done; while preventing the emergence of problems nonconformity of our customers, seeks to improve the working conditions of our staff and promotes environmental protection.

 For this reason, LIGHTING XIMENEZ, S.A. necessary to make available to all personnel who form the organization and any interested foreign agent, its Quality Policy, Environment and Occupational Safety and Health which will:


• Adaptation and constantly improving methods XIMENEZ LIGHTING, SA, to give quality assurance to our customers of products and services offered, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


• Implement the Integrated Management System for Quality, Environment and Safety and Health at Work in accordance with International Standards UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000, UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2004 and OHSAS 18001, which affects the whole staff the company and all our activities.


• Comply with the requirements specified by our customers, environmental and occupational risk prevention legislation applicable to them, and any other legislation that is acquired voluntarily.


• To prevent pollution of the environment by making practices that do not favor such pollution as well as informing our customers design proposals that are more respectful of their environment.

• Assess in advance the potential impact on the safety and health of people and the environment of all new activities and processes, and to take preventive measures required.


• Take steps to delete, where that is not possible, prevent occupational hazards and environmental contamination; implementing the corresponding improvement measures and taking into account all the aspects necessary to ensure the health and safety of people at work and environmental protection.


• Define, review and update of a systematic and periodic compliance with this policy and the objectives and goals of Quality Environment and Safety and Health at Work associated with it as a means to achieve continuous improvement of the Management System Integrated.


• Be consistent with other policies of the organization, taking care as far as possible from his unit and inclusive.


• Involve the various functional units and stakeholders in their development, and be reviewed periodically by management.


• Reach directly and personally to all members of the organization manner and duly explained.

All this will allow us to secure the future of our company, promoted by the quality, productivity, respect for the environment and occupational health and safety.


LIGHTING address XIMENEZ, S.A. is responsible for the existence of technical and human resources within the economic possibilities of the organization, to ensure that all staff XIMENEZ LIGHTING, SA and any interested entity, know, understand and implement the commitments set forth in this policy.



Puente Genil, April 2014.


Francisco Jimenez

President Administration Council


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ILMÉX. Empresa de vanguardia en el sector responsable de la fabricación de motivos luminosos como Luces de Navidad, de Feria y mucho más. Ilméx - Fabricación y Diseño de Motivos Luminosos decorativos y artísticos. Luces de Navidad, Ferias, Fallas, Carnaval, Stands. Christmas Lights