ILMÉX. Empresa de vanguardia en el sector responsable de la fabricación de motivos luminosos como Luces de Navidad, de Feria y mucho más.

A key point in Ilméx policy lies in the development of 100% of its light manufacturing purposes in Spain. This factor is critical in several respects relevant and converging in obtaining a high quality product manufactured by and for us.


In terms of quality, the fact of having a Spanish construction allows comprehensive control of the production chain in materials and processes for their development, with reaction times of any difficulty or unforeseen enabling resolution unexpanded times Delivery agreed with customers.


In terms of social policy, Ilméx creates jobs in Spain so all advancement and company growth and reverse progress in both social and economic growth of the area, community, and therefore the country. As an example, only in making you get to generate more than 100 direct jobs.


In terms of economic policy, in addition to employment-related aspects, the centralization of warehouses, production and showroom in Spain involves outsourcing and other related activities (hotels, property, consumption) also within our borders.


Thus, in Ilméx, thanks to an active team characterized by the experience and professionalism, we get unique results also betting on next-generation industrial machinery:

Laser systems for high-volume digital printing and cutting, creasing and folding robotic systems, machinery for the use of new materials in the lighting industry. And all it tied to new programs to handle all those machines.


In short, with our product Made in Spain we all grow.


ILMÉX counts on recognized professionals. A technical department formed by engineers and designers to implement each of our projects, which were those in charge of shaping and adapting each item according to the decorative needs of our customers.


With the submission of a complete project report materials, photomontages, etc., the customer has all the necessary documentation to shape his idea. Guests may take a decision on security guarantees and the effect caused.


In Ilméx we take care of shaping an idea, a concept and turn it into a unique and spectacular lighting project.

We handle all project phases: from initial planning through to supply or rent. In collaboration with our subsidiary, Illuminations Ximenez, we could also undertake the installation. The concentration allows the project to be implemented with full fidelity to the original idea without losing any nuance.


Our breadth of range, experience and strong partnerships allow us to cover all types of needs and solutions to the problems inherent in the business that may arise.


Our main difference is the design and manufacturing versatility. Proof of this is the close cooperation Ximenez Group maintains with leading professionals from various disciplines and has, in addition to numerous projects materialized in the publication Ilméx Special Design Edition, with which it has taken a step forward.


“Children’s dreams brought to life real by Ilméx”. Who hasn’t dreamed of Father Christmas, Snowman or so many other characters and images that evoke Christmas for us?


At Ilméx we propose turning the Little ones’ dreams into actual motifs, by working with schools and shopping centres on the programme “PAINT YOUR CHRISTMAS”.


With workshops and competitions, kids can see how their dreams come true in LED motifs made by Ilméx to decorate their schools, streets or favourite shops.


This competition can also be extended to local celebrations, events related to the environment, cultural fairs and all sorts of special moments when children are the absolute stars.All you need to do is send us the winning mo-tifs and our team will follow them to design a decorative LED model for each one.








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ILMÉX. Empresa de vanguardia en el sector responsable de la fabricación de motivos luminosos como Luces de Navidad, de Feria y mucho más. Ilméx - Fabricación y Diseño de Motivos Luminosos decorativos y artísticos. Luces de Navidad, Ferias, Fallas, Carnaval, Stands. Christmas Lights