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Street decorative lighting

A butterflies sky over Paseo de Gracia in Barcelona

The light and color of hundreds of butterflies fill Christmas nights and days in one of the main streets of Barcelona

The main and most popular commercial street in Barcelona, Paseo de Gracia, marked a turning point in 2019 in its bet for Christmas decorations with a spectacular lighting throughout its kilometer and a half. Since then, more than 150 crystalline butterflies hang every year along the iconic street, alongside 5-meter strips of stars.

The central lane is made up of 355 rows with 9 light strips of 5 meters drop crowned with stars at their ends. These strips are accompanied by 70 majestic butterflies, a symbol of good wishes. The decoration extends from Jardines de Gràcia to Plaza Catalunya.

The central set is complemented with 80 butterflies on both sidewalks, also accompanied by 6 light strings and also with stars on their ends.

The adition of new materials in butterflies’ wings allows not only to enjoy their beauty at night but also with the light of the sun. A unique experience to which is added the variety of chromatic perspectives according to the viewer's point of view and the sunlight.

Avant-garde LEDs and materials for a day & night effect

LED technology and a studied daily lighting planning from 5:30 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. allowed to enjoy a spectacular Christmas lighting project without giving up efficient and responsible consumption.

Also, our butterflies of light accompanied for two years row the red and enlighted Majestic Hotel balconies, which a year before customized its façade to celebrate its first centenary.

Decorative lighting and energy efficiency

In Christmas lighting project’s presentation, the president of Paseo de Gracia commercial association pointed out the entity's commitment to “energize our avenue and attract customers, but also lead the commitment with the creation of a magical Christmas in Barcelona".

"We want to share our good wishes with the city, making butterflies bring happiness to every corner, at a time when we have to reclaim ourselves as the capital of harmony, coexistence and peace."


  • Sustainable
    • Low energy consumption
  • Daytime decorative effect
  • Personalized design
  • Tourist and leisure claim