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A castle of light as a facade

El Corte Inglés, a leading chain stores in Spain, bets on light shows within its Christmas program

At Christmas 2020, the façade of El Corte Inglés mall in Paseo de la Castellana (Madrid) was dressed with an innovative lighting project with the shape of a castle where light shows were projected daily, becoming an impressive Christmas spectacle.

If the light curtains on the facades of buildings give majesty and spectacularity to an architectural complex, being one of the most common bets in Christmas decorations, in 2020 El Corte Inglés broke the norm by installing a castle-shaped structure composed of LED pixel lights.

LED pixel technology allows the reproduction of images by controlling the color and intensity of each LED light, making the whole a giant screen. Christmas light shows were projected daily on this castle-shaped screen, from a welcome to the festivities full of reindeer and stars to a candy castle with fairytale figures and a snow-covered fir tree turning on itself. In total, four light shows that made passersby on Paseo de la Castellana stop to contemplate, enjoy and record the display of lights that animated the Christmas market and creating an authentic Christmas atmosphere.

In addition, each light show closed with the launch of cold fire that added more beauty and impact to the façade in the light shows. On the other hand, during the day, materials added to the structure brought brightness and luminosity to provide decorative value 24 hours a day.

A personalized project designed together with the client

The project was a totally personalized work for the shopping center and his participation in design and planning was key. The stalls of nougat and typical sweets in the purest Christmas market style of northern European countries were joined by decoration, gift and gastronomy stalls.

The same technology has been used in other Christmas lighting projects, giving rise to majestic figures in which to project visual shows accompanied by music and shows. Thanks to this technique, the Mile High Tree rose again for the second consecutive year in the city of Denver also at Christmas 2020.


  • Christmas facade lighting
  • Personalized design
  • Pixel mapping
  • Light show