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Ilmex is a company specialized in decorative lighting integrated in  Ximenez Group, one of the main lighting firms in the world. Based in Spain, Ilmex focuses its activity on international manufacturing and distribution, work that has boosted its presence worldwide through lighting projects for public institutions and the private sector.


Mission and Vision

Ximenez Group's mission is to create innovative solutions under flexible decorative lighting different models and with a comprehensive service. His aspiration is to be a leader in decorative lighting worldwide.

Purpose and values ​

Ximenez works to create value, differentiation and development through the union of decorative lighting and cultural context of each geographical area or organization. To this end, it provides a range of solutions, innovative, responsible and quality.


The group is composed of several companies or entities
  • Ximenez Lighting: installation of decorative lighting structures in Spain
  • Ilméx: factory and international distribution
  • Ximenez Foundation: promoting the fight against climate change
Ximenez Iluminacion
Ximenez Fundación


After 75 years of history, Ximenez Group has developed projects in more than 45 countries on five continents. Among his most emblematic projects are developed in New York, Moscow, Berlin, Madrid, Malaga, Vigo, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Dubai, Bogotá, Perth, Malabo, Mexico City, Denver, Milan, Oslo and London.

75 years lighting up the world


Ximenez Group was founded in 1945 by Francisco Jiménez Carmona in Puente Genil (Córdoba).

The history of the company dates back to a simple star that the founder manufactured and installed at Christmas in his appliance store as a claim.

This resulted thought such a hit with residents and businesses in the area, to the following year, the council commissioned Jimenez lighting the main street of Puente Genil. This first order would be extended soon to the rest of the town and in the following years, other Cordovan municipalities.


Gradually, the company grew, lighting fairs Andalusia, Valencia Fallas, Christmas carnivals and much of Spain. Over the years, the second generation family boosted its national development and became leader of decorative lighting in the country.

into the new millennium, Ximenez made the leap to foreign hand the founder's grandchildren, what has become one of the leading companies in the world decorative lighting today.

In the last year, Ximenez Group has installed more than 90 million points of light on five continents.

global and comprehensive solutions

Today, Ximenez Group is one of the leading global companies decorative lighting.

Specializing in the development of motifs, large bright and light shows structures for popular festivals and special projects, also it develops important work in the field of window dressing and manufacture products for distribution in large areas.

For these activities, Ximenez provides a comprehensive service in the design, production, distribution and installation of its proposals envisaged.

Lighting up with Ximenez


The design at the forefront and adapted to the needs of the customer. In addition to having its own department of creative and technical design, the company has partnerships with designers and architects of recognized national and international prestige with which develops special projects. 

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, AngelSchlesser, Devout & Lomba or Elio Berhanyer are some of the designers who have collaborated in creations Ximenez, especially at Christmastime. 


Innovation oriented efficiency and the ability to generate excitement, surprise and excitement. Examples are the musical light shows that develops worldwide or projects with intelligent systems company pixel mapping technology that opens the door to the generation of a wide range of shows.

Ximenez focuses its innovation capacity of decorative lighting to efficient generation facilities, the creation of night and day decorative value and the search for genuine and interactive designs. 

The group also joined a few years ago in their designs LED pixel technology that allows you to control the flow and color of each individual point of light and project any image on your premises, adapting them completely to the idea or need for each client. 


Ximenez Group maintained since its inception a commitment to sustainability has recently reaffirmed by the creation of the Foundation Ximenez. The main purpose of the organization is to act as an agent active in the fight against climate change and in promoting new models of more energy efficient and respectful with the environment. 

In 2007, the group pioneered the approach to technological transformation process to replace its inventory of incandescence by LED technology in all its festive lighting projects. 

Thanks to this change of avant-garde direction in 2019 Ximenez Group fue recognized in the World Summit on Climate as one of the 101 business examples of action against climate change, which allowed to have to save up to 92% in energy and casi3 consumption. 000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere. 

In addition, the company focuses its production model from the commitment to reuse and transformation of materials, so that waste generation is minimized and lifetime of resources is optimized.
One of the last lines of work Ximenez Group is to promote and create joint plans with customers in the public sector to schedules streamline lighting and optimize the overall energy consumption of cities through the combined use and efficient festive lighting and public lighting.

Note that Ximenez efforts regarding the development of an environmentally friendly business are backed by certifications of its environmental management system by AENOR.

The value of decorative lighting

The decorative and festive lighting does not fulfill only an aesthetic purpose. Large lighting projects are becoming an important tourist demand for cities, especially those related to Christmas lighting. The latest data collected by Vigo, Malaga and Madrid; among others, confirm that the commitment to innovation in Christmas lights and sound and light shows is a great attraction for visitors and tourists and, consequently, a boost for local sales. Also, cities expand its visibility in media and digital spaces, a springboard for positioning in the Christmas tourist map.
Some facts of interest: 
  • In the city of Malaga, only in 2018 concentrated on the street Larios daily around 82,000 people and economic impact on the city at the end of the holidays it reached 202.1 million euros. The city received 1.1 million visitors and tourists.
  • Christmas For 2019/2020, bookings of hotels and restaurants in Vigo were completed in October and were at 70% in summer. According to the Town Hall in the first weekend that the city enjoyed the Christmas lights, the investment had recovered.