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Communication to suppliers

As you will know, Ilmex has bet from the beginning of its activity, for the quality of the products and services it offers, for the protection of the environment and for the protection of the occupational health and safety of its personnel, your visitors and employees of competing companies.

In this sense, Ilmex maintains a management system whose scope is:

The design and production of luminous motifs. The installation, monitoring and uninstallation of provisional artistic lighting

And whose certificates granted by AENOR are the following:
  • 2002/0820 / ER / 01 according to UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2015
  • 2002/0820 / GA / 01 according to UNE-EN ISO 14001: 2015
  • 2002/0820 / SST / 01 according to OHSAS 18001: 2007
We would like to inform you of the existence of information on our management, published on information panels in our facilities, that you can know about and that we will provide upon request, if you wish:

  • Management system policy
  • Performance monitoring (compliance with product quality requirements and / or
  • services) of collaborators and suppliers
  • Environmental performance of our organization
  • Environmental aspects and associated impacts of our activities, products and services, from a life cycle perspective, considering both those that we can control and those that we can influence.
In order to comply with the integrated management system, it is communicated that aspects related to the quality of the products supplied will be taken into account in the evaluation of our suppliers in accordance with current legislation and compliance with deadlines,
as well as its commitment to environmental management, and the safety and health of its workers.

Likewise, Ilmex It has available to interested parties that request it, information on the indicated aspects.


ILMEX, S.A. is involved with quality management, respecting the environment and occupational health and safety in all its processes, products, activities and services.

The commitment to increase customer satisfaction by complying with their requirements, the prevention and elimination of occupational risks, as well as the protection of the Environment in all the actions carried out by ILMEX, S.A. They are the pillars that make up and inspire its Management Policy, in addition to identifying the needs and expectations of the interested parties to ensure continuous improvement.

The Management of ILMEX, S.A, with the adoption of this Policy, expresses the commitment to:

  1. Compliance with all the requirements of the Quality, Environmental, and Occupational Health and Safety Management System. This firm commitment extends to compliance with current environmental legislation, risk prevention after identification and evaluation of the same, either at an environmental or labor level, and other requirements that the organization may subscribe and standards established by our clients.
  2. Integrate the prevention of pollution, occupational risks and the protection of the environment in the Management of the Company.
  3. Promote awareness of the strategic importance of the Quality, Environment and Health and Safety Management System at Work, ensuring its continuous improvement, as a key element of the competitiveness and guarantee of the future of the company.
  4. Prevent environmental pollution, by carrying out practices that do not favor said pollution, as well as informing our clients of design proposals that are more respectful of their environment.
  5. Evaluate in advance the potential repercussions on the safety and health of people and the Environment of all new activities and processes, and adopt the required preventive measures.
  6. Adopt measures to eliminate and, when this is not possible, prevent risks at any level, including labor and environmental ones; implementing the corresponding improvement measures and taking into account all those aspects necessary to guarantee the health and safety of people at work and the protection of the environment.
  7. Implement and maintain the necessary processes for the participation and consultation of workers and their representatives, in decisions related to the management of Safety and Health at Work, creating transparent and effective mechanisms that promote the achievement of the expected results of the system.
  8. Define, review and update systematically and periodically compliance with this policy, and the objectives and goals of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at Work associated with it, as a means to achieve continuous improvement of the Management System Integrated.
  9. Be in coherence with other policies of the organization, taking care as much as possible of their unitary and integrating nature.
  10. Involve the different functional units and interested parties in its preparation, and be periodically reviewed by the management.
  11. To reach all members of the organization in a direct and personalized way, and duly explained.

All this will allow us to ensure the future of our company, promoted by quality, productivity, respect for the environment and occupational health and safety.

The management of ILMEX, SA is responsible for ensuring that the necessary technical and human resources exist, within the economic possibilities of the organization, to ensure that all the organization's personnel and any interested entity, know, understand and put into practice the commitments set forth in this policy.


In Puente Genil, March 2021