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Walk-through figures

The charmed forest in Moscow

A walk under the light
If there is a typical Christmas spot, it is that one where snow is protagonist. That was the setting that the city of Moscow created to host one of our great walkable figures: the charmed forest. This installation offered to enjoy an immersive and magical experience full of enveloping light.

Walk-through figures as Christmas decorations

The charmed forest of Moscow was arranged like a corridor through which visitors passed. This corridor, more than twenty meters long and seven meters wide, was made up of eight trees that made up an installation seven meters high. The golden color was the protagonist to contrast with the radiant white of the snow. The eight gilded trees featured a two-piece trunk and four sheets of gold-lacquered sheet metal. In this way, all the prominence was ensured in the light of day, providing a singular showiness. The upper part of the trees was adorned with bright and dense materials that are intended to recreate an authentic jungle atmosphere. During the night, the entire ensemble was illuminated with a warm white thread that, together with cords that contrasted with moving flashes of pure white, provided great dynamism in a purely static installation.
A day & night spectacle in contrast to a snowy landscape
The objective was to create an animated forest through which to walk in one of the most magical times of the year. The tunnel, made up of the seven majestic golden trees, was completed with illuminated falls of three meters and was accompanied by other large, walk-through figures nearby, which recreated a comprehensive experience for the visitor. Other of our great walk-through figures have also been protagonists in other capitals of the world, figures to walk through and enjoy unforgettable lights shows, music and Christmas shows such as the giant ball on Calle Alcalá in Madrid.


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