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The light maze

An inmersive light experience full of light and color

Designed by the german architect Ben Busche, from Brut Deluxe studio, the light maze is one of our most popular and international works.

The idea was born with the aim of offering an innovative and immersive experience at the Luneng Sanya Bay Light and Art Festival in Hainan, China, for which daytime decorative value played a key role. Through the combination of new materials and sunlight, the light maze is a further step in decorative lighting projects.

A geometric design for day and night

This imposing maze of hexagonal geometry is built with panels of acrylic material of over than two meters high. The innovation comes with the sheets adhered to the panels to provide a game of color in which the viewer is the protagonist: depending on their position in front of the panels, the color varies, as occurs with the reflection onto the ground thanks to the semi-transparency of the sheets.

As a consequence, as the visitors moves inside the maze of light, they can enjoy the dynamics of colors both in the panels and in the reflections that they generate on the ground when they are crossed by the sun's rays. It is the same effect used in the butterflies on Paseo de Gracia part of the latest Barcelona Christmas lighting projects.

To create an unique effect at night, the maze panels feature mechanically carved grooves with organic shapes that the light from our LEDs fill from the top and bottom.

Likewise, the maze recreates a sensation of infinite space produced by the reflections and mirror effects of the panels, providing an immersion in a magical and enveloping light scene.

The low consumption LED light rails installed in the lower and upper carpentry are responsible for creating that unique atmosphere where the decorative value in full darkness is in the backlighting of the panels through the engravings. In this way, we ensure a sustainable and efficient experience without giving up the avant-garde in design.

A lighting maze travelling worldwide

The fascinating project designed by Ben Busche from Brut Deluxe Studio premiered in Brussels and Seville in 2017. Subsequently, festivals of light in cities such as Istanbul, London, Dubai and Doha have been able to enjoy this experience of which Busche has outstanding not only the magic that the project transmits but also the technique used for its development.


  •  Efficient consumption
  • Daytime decorative effect
  • Tourist and leisure claim
  • Personalized design
  • Technological innovation